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Due to the impact of COVID-19, From Under The Rug has transitioned exclusively to private and confidential tele-health sessions for the foreseeable future.
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Sometimes it can be so easy to sweep things under the rug and deal with it later. The problem is often we have so much going on that we forget to address things that we say we will. This therapeutic practice strongly believes that every person, every situation, and the surrounding circumstances are all unique. Your situation may sound like or seem similar to someone else’s but YOU are the factor that makes yours different, and that’s what the main focus will be; how you can be empowered to explore with me and take solutions into your world.
Simply knowing is not enough to change behavior. Behavior change happens when we accept there’s a concern impeding on our quality of life and challenge ourselves to find solutions. Although people have diverse experiences, there is one commonality to human relationships; the desire to be both seen and heard. To get the best results from this therapeutic endeavor, it requires that your mind is open and you present your concerns fully and honestly.

My Therapeutic Approach

When we initially begin to engage with each other, this is the time where we learn more about each other and start to lay the foundations of our therapeutic relationship and establish goals and support structure milestones. I see these milestones as little check-ins to keep us on track and make adjustments. During sessions with clients, I emphasize the importance that this is a time for you to be as free to express yourself as you want. Professional, ethical, and confidential standards always come first and it is safe to trust me with sensitive and personal information, no matter the topic. 

Topics can range from stress/anxiety, dating, career goals, relationships/marriage, sex communication, HIV/AIDS concerns, and much more. If you find that you can’t be vulnerable anywhere else, know that it’s okay to be during our sessions. Our relationship will be one that is free from judgement, but challenges you when needed as you’re looking for answers and solutions to life’s obstacles. When was the last time you cleaned under the rug?

Sessions are appx 50mn.
Individual Sessions: $140/Session
Couples/Partners Sessions: $160/Session

Therapy for Lesbians - Therapy for Gay Men - LGBT Telehealth Therapist
As a Florida Board Registered Clinical Social Work Intern in the state of Florida (License #ISW14241) and a Masters Level Social Worker/Therapist in the state of Georgia, all mental health counseling services are provided to those clients who have a Florida and Georgia address. Those clients outside of the state of Florida or Georgia can receive the same specialty focused services, just absent of clinical “treatment plan & intervention” modalities. ‘From Under The Rug’ is clinically supervised by:
Florida Supervisor—Jennifer Guerriero, LCSW (License #SW11785)
Georgia Supervisor—Nathaniel Currie, LCSW (License #CSW006984)
Supervisors’ contact information privately located in “Consent for Therapeutic Treatment forms. 

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From Under The Rug’s Focus Areas

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  •  Homosexual Relationship/Marriage Therapy

Healthy communication and a willingness to understand are at the forefront of any kind of relationship. In today’s world, there are a lot of therapists who provide relationship/marriage counseling; however, there aren’t many who specialize within the distinctive construct layers of the LGBTQ community. As a member of this community, I offer a generalized background in understanding some of our unique circumstances.

Along with this, I provide a progressive lens to work with one on one couples, polyamorous partners, and more customized partner situations. You build your world how you see fit, and it’s my task as your therapist to first respect what you’ve built and then to navigate within that structure presented to find solutions to concerns.

  • Sex Communication & Negotiation Therapy

Sex. There’s so much to discuss in this area whether you are a single person or in a partnership. One’s sexual desires and needs are very valid and deserve to be acknowledged. My clinical approach is one that’s sex-positive—sex with who you want and as much as you want, as long as it is not causing any undue hardships or negative adverse effects in your personal life or those close relationships to you such as a friends, spouse or family.

The goal here is for us to explore your unique sex-based concern(s) and work together to find solutions that work both individually as well as together with your sex partner. Every sex situation and concern is unique and there’s room for it here at ‘From Under the Rug’.

  • Kink/Fetish Based Concerns

The world of kink and fetish takes on many different sexual modalities, roles, preferences, boundaries, and respects. Healthy and clear communication is the first key to keeping yourself and your sex partner(s) safe. As a member of this community, it is my goal to understand how kink/fetish plays a part of your life and work with you and/or your partner(s) to work on healthy exploration into solutions to your concern(s).

Whether you are a beginner just learning the ropes, wanting to spice things up in the bedroom, seeking to explore more with your fetish interests, needing to address past kink/fetish trauma, or just simply wanting to work on healthy communication and boundaries; this is a safe space at ‘From Under the Rug’ for you to explore all.

  • Individual Counseling

It can be hard navigating life at times. There are many factors, stressors, and isolated incidents that can contribute to depression, anxiety, and even feelings of being overwhelmed. Whether it’s the death of a friend/loved one, work/career problems, dating/relationship concerns, family conflict, or just figuring out sense of direction.

It will be our focus to address the areas of most concern to you, prioritize them, and then add in support milestones structures to assess your progress. Some things can simply get better just by talking and formulating a plan to cultivate learning and growth. The hardest person to forgive in life is often ourself. Forgiveness can also help with moving past apologies we may never get from someone else who may have acted without concern for your welfare.

  • HIV/AIDS Based Concerns

HIV/AIDS knows no race, gender, or sexual preference. This virus has challenged society in many ways over decades, but also has forced us to come up with solutions utilizing resilience, education, technology, and medical breakthroughs. As a person who has been diagnosed since 2010, I have experienced many situations with balancing a support system, navigating best healthcare options, intimate relationships with both HIV-negative and HIV-positive partners, and not losing sight of who I am while managing my HIV status.

My services are here to assist you with solutions, whether you are a couple working on healthy communication surrounding HIV, a person newly diagnosed with HIV, or possibly looking to figure out how to date while HIV-positive. These are all things that can be addressed and more. Let’s talk!

  • Stress/Anxiety/Depression

There is no one cure for stress, anxiety, and depression. Oftentimes, the solutions are a unique multifaceted approach from different angles. Our approach will first discuss when you first began to experience any of these symptoms and walk together to identify potential triggers that contribute. Next, we will work together to try and find solutions and coping skills to help manage and navigate your response to the feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. At best, we can hope to try and eliminate what’s causing you to experience this feeling.

However, we have to always be realistic in our expectations and if it turns out that we can’t eliminate the trigger(s), we can certainly continue working on the best ways to manage it. When it comes to managing these symptoms while including medication, I believe that medication is best suited being used in conjunction with continued therapy and counseling. Medication works best with therapy as an adjunct. As your therapist, I will work closely with your medical provider to make sure you are receiving the best coordinated approach to your mental health. You and I will work together to find personalized solutions that suit you.

  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse

First, you should know that ‘From Under the Rug’ utilizes a harm-reduction model. Through assessment and evaluation, we figure out together what factor(s) may be contributing to your substance use which has lead to abuse. The solution isn’t always stopping use cold-turkey; it’s about meeting you where you are in your situation. How do I know I’m abusing alcohol and other substances? If you are experiencing negative adverse effects in your personal life or in the lives of those close to you as a direct correlation to your use of substances, this constitutes abuse. It’s not just the substances that are being abused, it’s the self-love and care that needs to be found to help make necessary changes to your use of substances as responsibly as possible or eliminate use, if that’s the goal. Let’s figure it out!

Acknowledging is the first step. How long it takes to make progress, is up to you.

Behavior change happens when we accept there’s a concern impeding on our quality of life and challenge ourselves to find solutions. 

Brandon Kennedy

MSW, RCSWi - From Under the Rug

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    Due to the impact of COVID-19, From Under The Rug has transitioned exclusively to private and confidential, tele-health sessions for the foreseeable future. 

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    Bachelor of Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis

    Kaplan University, IL

    Master of Social Work

    California State University, CA

    Florida Social Work License


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    DBT (Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy)

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